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What is the meaning of congealed in Hindi?

Meaning of congealed in Hindi is :

Definition of word congealed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of congeal. (verb)
  • Frozen. (adjective)

Examples of word congealed

    • See, you forget that these people exist if you stay at home, avoiding the fair like some sort of black plague that ushers with it human mutants wearing matching mall-photo-booth t-shirts stretched out over gigantic, distended Orca bellies, fried foods running in congealed little balls down their protruding and exposed torsos, long rat tails of hair hanging …
    • Then suddenly visualising the poor beasts lying stiff in congealed blood, and the mailman's exaggerated description of trees black with crows, she flamed out in wrathful horror, and was as anxious as her husband that the perpetrators of the crime should be brought to justice.
    • He scatters the hoar-frost, which is dew congealed, as the snow and hail are rain congealed.
    • I may get to novels where I feel that he dislikes or disdains a female character, but for now I'm trying hard not to make the kind of congealed judgment that makes it hard to read for reading's sake.
    • And what a lot of them do, they've kind of congealed, or they've condensed their populace or their guests into one or two of their, say, seven or eight properties to kind of keep everybody in one spot.
    • Comments somehow while searching for a recipe for a gelatin "congealed" salad made with horseradish, I got to your site.
    • GROSS: No. Actually, I think the government over the past decade has kind of congealed its effort and has been working very hard to coordinate the efforts.
    • The adjective 'congealed' is used proleptically, the meaning being 'froze into a stone so that it was congealed.'
    • Call these salads "congealed," Jell-O, gelatin or whatever else you'd like.
    • The old man shifted in his seat, fingers nervously toying with his lap rug, eyes darting from the congealed egg on his plate to the smoking fire to Aidan.