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What is the meaning of congratulated in Hindi?

Meaning of congratulated in Hindi is :

Definition of word congratulated

  • Simple past tense and past participle of congratulate. (verb)

Examples of word congratulated

  • 'Man with no name' congratulates police during court appearance AN ACCUSED fraudster who refused to tell police his name congratulated officers and shook their hand when they worked out what it was, a court heard.
  • McCain congratulated Hillary Clinton for her victory in WV this is scary.
  • Be careful becuase McCain congratulated you one your landslide victory in W V. McCain is hoping that you win the nomination over Obama so that he can win over you.
  • Orwell narrates, "Mr. Pilkington once again congratulated the pigs on the low rations, the long working hours, and the general absence of pampering which he had observed on Animal Farm."
  • He had a frisky horse to manage, and the Captain congratulated himself for this occasion at least that he was a skilled whip.


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