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What is the meaning of congratulator in Hindi?

Meaning of congratulator in Hindi is : बधाई देनेवाला

Definition of word congratulator

  • A person who congratulates (noun)

Examples of word congratulator

  • If the congratulator is a married man, he hopes that his friend may enjoy as much happiness as he has found himself in the married state; if a bachelor, he assures him that, although unable hitherto to act up to his principles, he has always thought marriage the right thing.
  • The last is my favorite quote of the book because it hits on all of La Toya's major notes: that of the victim, of the self-congratulator, of the utterly clueless.
  • "I want to play more than the part of the good little congratulator, I want to do more than congratulating the other team in the first round of the playoffs," he said.
  • As a day of congratulator remarks and endless celebration comes to a conclusion; I wonder to what amount are we going to hold ourselves responsible.
  • But Wallace saw The Tube as the worst kind of trap, a tool for eliding the necessary details, for making an artist into a self-congratulator.


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