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What is the meaning of congratulatory in Hindi?

Meaning of congratulatory in Hindi is : बधाई सूचक

Definition of word congratulatory

  • Serving to congratulate. (adjective)

Examples of word congratulatory

  • You know, people have been very congratulatory, which is good.
  • With a touch of cynicism he recalled the congratulatory messages -- the very first it had carried.
  • The governor's remarks came hours after President Barack Obama made what the White House described as a congratulatory call to Quinn for winning the close Democratic primary.
  • Don't worry, it will be less 'congratulatory' and more religious we promise.
  • I figure their chances, without people caring, are 'an ice cube's chance in hell.'which aligns the narrator in a way with the reader, but doesn't dislocate the meaning, nor offer a kind of congratulatory "aha" moment.


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