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What is the meaning of connected in Hindi?

Meaning of connected in Hindi is : स‌ंबधित

Definition of word connected

  • : Having favorable rapport with a powerful entity. (adjective)
  • That cannot be partitioned into two nonempty open sets. (adjective)
  • Having a path, either directed or undirected, connecting every pair of vertices. (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of connect. (verb)

Examples of word connected

  • As most of you will know, he was called the ‘Messiah,’ a moniker that has acquired religious meaning over the years but which actually is a term connected with lineage.
  • Some medical literature even calls the waiting area the “holding area”—a term connected to the slaughterhouse.
  • Malkin connected from the slot through Stephan's pads at 12: 38 of the second period.
  • And then the name connected with knowledge, a puzzle piece connecting with its mate.
  • Mich., admits a soft spot for the title connected to his congregation's charism - St. Joseph, Patron of the Suffering and Dying.


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