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What is the meaning of connectivity in Hindi?

Meaning of connectivity in Hindi is : सम्बन्ध

Definition of word connectivity

  • The state of being connected (noun)
  • The ability to make a connection between two or more points in a network (noun)
  • In a graph, a measure of concatenated adjacency (the number of ways that points are connected to each other) (noun)

Examples of word connectivity

  • Comcast has done nothing but raise my price, and my connectivity is absolutely horrendous.
  • We developed in our rooms what we call a connectivity panel, part of our television sets so you can plug in your ipod and listen to music on the speakers from the TV.
  • The price of the connectivity is then shared between the users, with no extra fees.
  • The organisers say the event would contribute to what it called connectivity across African borders.
  • Best Buy has combined several of its retail groups to into what it calls a "connectivity business group".


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