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What is the meaning of conniption in Hindi?

Meaning of conniption in Hindi is :

Definition of word conniption

  • A fit of anger or panic; conniption fit. (noun)
  • A fit of laughing; convulsion. (noun)

Examples of word conniption

    • Second-place winner Nada Bader, a 12-year-old seventh-grader from Crestwood Middle School, met her downfall with the word "conniption" - a fit of rage, hysteria or alarm.
    • The question is who coined conniption and under what circumstances.
    • For now, I trudge on, work hard, and think about all the things I have to get done by Monday without having some kind of conniption fit.
    • It is such a remarkably fierce-looking creature that it has received many names that are neither complimentary nor beautiful, such as conniption bug, alligator, and dragon, and numerous others equally expressive.
    • She knows how to spell "conniption," too, and that's what earned the Charleston Middle School seventh-grader the title at the Regional Spelling Bee.


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