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What is the meaning of connive in Hindi?

Meaning of connive in Hindi is : मौन सहमति देना

Definition of word connive

  • to cooperate with others secretly in order to commit a crime; to collude (verb)

Examples of word connive

  • Not sure what you mean by 'connive' as we have not been in government when these decisions were taken.
  • She will connive and she will lie and she will wheedle her way in as far as she can wheedle, further than you can imagine, until — — oh, I don't know — — she has the password to your SL account.
  • As David Gardner, veteran Middle East correspondent for that communist rag the Financial Times: "If we continue to connive in the survival of tyranny, we abet the onward march of the jihadis for whom Western policy is their most consistently reliable ally."
  • Two of his daughters connive and flatter him, while his youngest, Cordelia, refuses to put her affection to such a test.
  • If we connive, it makes no difference whether the torture has been outsourced or perpetrated close to home in Birmingham.
  • I should have realized Belinda is too simple to deceive and connive.
  • Negligent parents leave their children with uncouth friends, relatives or even strangers, who in turn connive with witches to kill the children for money.