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What is the meaning of conquest in Hindi?

Meaning of conquest in Hindi is : स‌ंजय

Definition of word conquest

  • Victory gained through combat; the subjugation of an enemy. (noun)

Examples of word conquest

  • The prevailing (54) _passion_ of the A burning thirst for conquest is nation is the (54) _love of as prevalent a passion in Russia conquest_, and this (54) _ardent_ as democratic ambition in the free
  • The weapon employed in the conquest is an "umbrella spoon" shown at left, which automatically opens into a large shield when you gouge down into the meat of the fruit.
  • He ran to earth a couple of needy artists, lured them into the company to play small parts -- apothecaries and notaries -- and set them to beguile their leisure in painting new scenery, so as to be ready for what he called the conquest of Nantes, which was to come in the new year.
  • We may mean a lifting of the races as a whole by reason of more power over the material world, by reason of what we call the conquest of nature and a practical use of its forces; or we may mean a higher development of the individual man, so that he shall be better and happier.
  • The itch gets a bit personal for Orlich, considering the possibility No. 4 Stockdale (23-3) not only is rolling once again, the Mustangs may get an additional boost in the form of Melissa Sweat, who powered their title conquest of top-seeded Clovis West a year ago.
  • Historic movement was for several centuries that of the nations and societies of Western Europe out into the rest of the world in "conquest" of various sorts.
  • The right of conquest, in other words, has ceased to exist.
  • Jimmy Rollins 'prediction of a five-game Philadelphia conquest is off to a promising start.