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What is the meaning of conscription in Hindi?

Meaning of conscription in Hindi is : सेना में जबरदस्ती भरती करना

Definition of word conscription

  • involuntary labor, especially military service, demanded by some established authority (noun)

Examples of word conscription

  • Another was sentenced to ten years in prison for delivering speeches in which he called conscription unconstitutional.
  • Also, the ancient idea of forcing to people to join your army, i.e. conscription, is an advanced technology that allows you to form units of guys with repeating rifles.
  • Moyers knows conscription is the quickest way to initiate the fundamental changes to foreign policy needed to end the war.
  • Perhaps an under-motivated, under-trained army of the sort that would result from conscription is exactly what this country needs.
  • Involuntary conscription is the answer to their daily pain.


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