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What is the meaning of considerable in Hindi?

Meaning of considerable in Hindi is : विशेष

Definition of word considerable

  • Significant; worth considering. (adjective)
  • Large in amount. (adjective)

Examples of word considerable

    • In colonial Maryland, whites complained to judicial authorities that slaves were “drunke on the Lords Day beating their Negro drums by which they call considerable Number of Negroes together in some Certaine places.”
    • So those of you thinking about going hiking maybe this weekend into the Colorado Rockies, down to the San Juan, across the Wasatch and Siuwincas (ph) and up into parts of Idaho and Montana, we have what we call a considerable threat of avalanche danger in the back country areas.
    • As far as avalanche is concerned, there is still what they call considerable avalanche danger.
    • This, then, was the place where Piper had toiled in what he referred to as considerable inconvenience.
    • Here was a chance to get back at him for his stinging comments and to prove him wrong about his ability to resist what he called her considerable charms.


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