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What is the meaning of consign in Hindi?

Meaning of consign in Hindi is : हवाले कर देना

Definition of word consign

  • To transfer to the custody of, usually for sale, transport, or safekeeping. (verb)
  • To entrust to the care of another. (verb)
  • To send to a final destination. (verb)

Examples of word consign

  • Black's 8th's definitions of "consign," "consignment," and "consignation" suggest that my previous speculation may be roughly correct ....
  • Or perhaps those who would benefit most from Imran Khan's wise suggestions are the timid little satrap/'allies' of NATO who would sooner waste their wealth, consign their sons to foreign graves and provoke generations of revenge attacks than tell a ranting yankee general at the NATO meetings to depart and leave the rest of us and themalone.
  • Because we cannot consign our nation to an open-ended recession.
  • Bobby Rush might call the bluff and dare Harry Reid et al. to consign the lone black Senator to the back of the bus.
  • Sadly, I must consign this one to the “Wait for Netflix” category, even if the small screen will diminish the imagery.


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