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What is the meaning of conspiratorial in Hindi?

Meaning of conspiratorial in Hindi is : षड्यम्त्र संबंधी

Definition of word conspiratorial

  • Pertaining to conspiracy or conspirators. (adjective)

Examples of word conspiratorial

  • One will no doubt hear the word "conspiratorial" bandied about to describe Engelhardt's linking of these events and daring to assert the U.S. "mined its own positions" during the Cold War that led to its downfall.
  • “There is a similarity in conspiratorial thinking between the Islamists and the far right,” he said.
  • Federal government, in what can only be called conspiratorial collusion with big-business interests, has let in tens of millions of immigrants during that time (millions per year from all over the world), not to mention virtually let tens of millions of other illegal immigrants from south of our border just prance on in here like they own this country.
  • My point stands: If Mr. Willie (or anyone else) has proof of all of this so-called conspiratorial activity where is it?
  • Burris deserves a break but ought to go - Chicago Daily Observer Rep. Gutierrez Profited Through Indicted Developer - CBS2 Chicago Wells Fargo Officially Opposes Bid On Hartmarx - Progress Illinois FCC official: Fairness Doctrine talk is 'conspiratorial' - The Hill A Lot of Work Remains Ahead for Climate Legislation - Farm Futures


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