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What is the meaning of constancy in Hindi?

Meaning of constancy in Hindi is : स्थैर्य

Definition of word constancy

  • The quality of being constant; steadiness or faithfulness in action, affections, purpose, etc. (noun)
  • An unchanging quality or characteristic of a person or thing. (noun)

Examples of word constancy

  • Such constancy is predicated upon the utter hopelessness of his love.
  • Returning to the inevitable unfolding of things is called constancy
  • The visual representation of constancy is found in the slowly animating photographic image of our male "stand in" for Blake, which in the first two stanzas is semi-transparently mapped onto the walls of London.
  • The novel depicts this deeply seated constancy from the beginning to the end.
  • What they give me seems always of pure grace, and my friends have been very liberal in constancy and kindness to me, and therefore when I am inclined to desire other or more demonstration of regard than I receive from them, I always blame myself for a sort of presumptuous trespassing on the liberty of love which should, I think, be unquestioned.


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