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What is the meaning of constitutional in Hindi?

Meaning of constitutional in Hindi is : स‌ंवैधानिक

Definition of word constitutional

  • Relating to the constitution (adjective)
  • Conforming to the constitution. (adjective)
  • A walk that is taken regularly for good health and wellbeing. (noun)

Examples of word constitutional

  • We know no more of a constitutional compact between sovereign powers, than we know of a _constitutional_ indenture of copartnership, a _constitutional_ deed of conveyance, or a
  • When applied to compacts between sovereign States, the term constitutional affixes to the word compact no definite idea.
  • What precise meaning, then, does he attach to the term constitutional?
  • Okay, it would have been much preferred to avoid using the term constitutional convention and, instead, use Article V convention, because the language in Article V clearly limits a convention to amendments and prevents a wholesale rewriting of the constitution.
  • I mean, I think that was actually one of conservatism's high points was what they called the constitutional option in conservative publications.


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