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What is the meaning of constructivism in Hindi?

Meaning of constructivism in Hindi is : रचनावाद

Definition of word constructivism

  • A Russian movement in modern art characterized by the creation of nonrepresentational geometric objects using industrial materials. (noun)
    आधुनिक कला में एक रूसी आंदोलन औद्योगिक सामग्रियों का उपयोग करके गैर-प्रतिनिधित्वीय ज्यामितीय वस्तुओं के निर्माण की विशेषता है।

Examples of word constructivism

  • The word constructivism is a casualty of friendly fire in the culture wars.
  • The word constructivism has been sadly perverted by some education departments to elevate process knowledge above content knowledge in such as way to undermine the Enlightenment values on which Western culture is built and which we still need to further progress.
  • In 1990 Papert's theory of constructionism Papert's word, a combination of Piaget's term constructivism with the word construction and the logo programming language which he promoted were what radical teachers turned to in their efforts to transform School.
  • Baudrillard’s use of presemioticist nihilism denoted the defining characteristic, and hence the genre, of textual class so perhaps we should ask whether the simple modernist constructivism is the rubicon, and eventually the stasis, of materialist narrativity and whether this challenges us to step away from neocapitalist rationalism?
  • Naturalism about natural kind classifications contrasts with conventionalism (also called constructivism or constructionism), the view natural kinds don™t exist independently of us.
  • By incorporating elements of the classical empiricist epistemology of John Locke, this progressive principle has become transformed into the extremely popular position known as constructivism, according to which each student in a classroom constructs his or her own individual body of understandings even when all in the group are given what appears to be the same stimulus or educational experience.
  • These insets form rhombuses so that the overall compositions recall constructivism, the modernist style rejected by the Soviet state.