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What is the meaning of consultum in Hindi?

Meaning of consultum in Hindi is :

Definition of word consultum

Examples of word consultum

  • Roman emperors attained not this right by a senatus-consultum, duly founded upon a plebiscitum, it is very likely that they fully enjoyed it by the courtesy of the ladies.
  • Herod got his senatus consultum, which officially confirmed him as King of the Jews.
  • You depreciate their value to prevent any returns; for it is impossible that a wine which has counted so many Syndicks, that can only be delivered by a senatus consultum, and is the PANACEA
  • However, pour la rarity du fait, I will lay out twelve ducats, for twelve bottles of the wine of 1665, by way of an eventual cordial, if you can obtain a senatus consultum for it.
  • The senatus consultum created the basis for a new constitution.


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