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What is the meaning of consume in Hindi?

Meaning of consume in Hindi is : भर उठना

Definition of word consume

  • To use. (verb)
  • To eat. (verb)
  • To completely occupy the thoughts or attention of. (verb)
  • To destroy completely. (verb)
  • To waste away slowly. (verb)

Examples of word consume

  • The word consume comes from the Latin con - altogether + sumere - to take up, lay hold of, etc.
  • That abundance of food, of which, in consequence of the improvement of land, many people have the disposal beyond what they themselves can consume, is the great cause of the demand both for precious metals and the precious stones, as well as for every other conveniency and ornament of dress, lodging, household furniture, and equipage.
  • Here in America, we believe in the right to choose for ourselves on many issues, and what we consume is one of those areas where people do not want the gov't telling them what they can and can't do.
  • To assume we need to to produce what we consume is no longer true as the entire world stands ready to furnish employment with the level of educational credentials needed.
  • The Seattle P.I. reports that "two-thirds of the honey Americans consume is imported and almost half of that, regardless of what's on the label, comes from China."


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