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What is the meaning of contact in Hindi?

Meaning of contact in Hindi is : स‌ंस्पर्श

Definition of word contact

  • The act of touching physically. (noun)
  • The establishment of communication (with). (noun)
  • A nodule designed to connect a device with something else. (noun)
  • Someone with whom one is in communication. (noun)
  • A contact lens. (noun)
  • a device designed for repetitive connections. (noun)
  • Contact juggling. (noun)
  • To touch; to come into physical contact with. (verb)
  • To establish communication with something or someone (verb)

Examples of word contact

  • They may be classified as those having a single contact and those having a plurality of contacts; in all cases, the _intimacy of contact_ is varied by the diaphragm excursions.
  • I know this article was about contact% but looking at all the stats I just posted, it seems to me like missing bats, and getting weak contact when you do have a pitch hit is actually a skill the pitcher controls.
  • It will change a premade blank variable to variable % contact% to contact = cat
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  • UpdateCommand = "UPDATE prospects SET salespn = @salespn, class = @class, updated = GetDate (), company = @company, contact = @contact, title = @title, street = @street, city = @city, state


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