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What is the meaning of contemporary in Hindi?

Meaning of contemporary in Hindi is : समसामयिक

Definition of word contemporary

  • From the same time period, coexistent in time. (adjective)
    उसी समय अवधि से, समय में सह-अस्तित्व।
  • Someone living at the same time. (noun)
    एक ही समय में रहने वाला कोई।

Examples of word contemporary

    • The term contemporary formation is here taken in the sense attached to it by geologists, in speaking of beds of quartz in clay-slate, granular limestone in mica-slate or feldspar in gneiss.
    • In the world of competitive dance conventions and, more recently, shows like So You Think You Can Dance, the word "contemporary" has morphed from a simple descriptor to its own quite specific and potentially limiting dance form.
    • I don't necessarily know how or why, but somewhere along the line the competitive dance scene think the little girls from Lifetime's Dance Moms and their high school counterparts hijacked the word "contemporary" from its simple dictionary definition.
    • In our not-so-distant past, the word "contemporary" simply meant, "occurring in the present."
    • This year, ABT invoked the word "contemporary" to describe the season's works, which included dances from 1979 to this year.