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What is the meaning of contemptuous in Hindi?

Meaning of contemptuous in Hindi is : सावमान

Definition of word contemptuous

  • showing contempt; expressing disdain; showing a lack of respect. (adjective)

Examples of word contemptuous

  • Billy laughed in contemptuous pride of youth and brawn.
  • The authors of such works are regarded as deviant, hostile to "ordinary" readers, just plain contemptuous of good order in matters of storytelling and style.
  • He accepted the situation, happy in the gentle and protecting affection the girl showed him, fitfully enough, for she had, as she called it, her bad days when she used to visit her mother and remain long hours in the riverside hut, coming out as inscrutable as ever, but with a contemptuous look and a short word ready to answer any of his speeches.
  • She looked at him and tried to make her expression contemptuous, but he only laughed.
  • Then the scene shifted to Ethiopia, where Mussolini, I think in contemptuous defiance of the entire world drove with his bayonet and guns the King of Kings, who went begging for his throne to all places.


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