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What is the meaning of contradict in Hindi?

Meaning of contradict in Hindi is : विरोध करना

Definition of word contradict

  • To speak against; to forbid. (verb)
  • To deny the truth of (a statement or statements). (verb)
  • To make a statement denying the truth of the statement(s) made by (a person). (verb)

Examples of word contradict

  • Even the word contradict implies a civilized disagreement “Father, I beg to differ with you” as opposed to the humiliating public showdowns many of us have experienced.
  • #31 – Coldlimptruth – see posts 12, 19, and 27 … they show how Karls word contradict Karls words.
  • The meanings and inferences associated with the subject (omnipotence = physical power) of a counterintuitive expression contradict those associated with the predicate (insubstantial = lack of physical substance), as in the expressions “the bachelor is married” or “the deceased is alive.”
  • But Suong also smiled tolerantly when the others boasted to us and never said a word to contradict them.
  • If it makes you feel good to believe that Obama is a narco-terrorist socialist Nazi Muslim crypto-fascist dictator from another planet, then, hey, it's true (or truthy, in Colbert's lexicon) and never mind that all those terms contradict each other.


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