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What is the meaning of contradictory in Hindi?

Meaning of contradictory in Hindi is : व्याघाती

Definition of word contradictory

  • That contradicts something, such as an argument. (adjective)
  • That is itself a contradiction. (adjective)
  • That is diametrically opposed to something. (adjective)
  • Mutually exclusive. (adjective)
  • Tending to contradict or oppose, contrarious (adjective)
  • Any of a pair of propositions, that cannot both be true or both be false. (noun)

Examples of word contradictory

  • Mr. Morellet, who grew up in the western French town of Cholet, where he still lives, never went to art school and has always cultivated what he calls "contradictory tastes."
  • Mrs Coetzer was reacting to what she termed contradictory statements issued by Ms Metcalfe about the payment of school fees at State schools and State-aided schools.
  • Chagoya intentionally places the religious iconography in contradictory, unexpected and sometimes controversial contexts.
  • But this process, even when it ends up being contradictory, is a great way of clearing my head and getting my ideas together and clearly.
  • Karima Keyek, the aspiring Moroccan model who accused Berlusconi of a range of improprieties in contradictory statements reported by the Italian press, has apologized to the prime minister as he faces calls to resign, according to the Telegraph.


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