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What is the meaning of contributory in Hindi?

Meaning of contributory in Hindi is : सहायक

Definition of word contributory

  • Of, pertaining to, or involving a contribution (adjective)

Examples of word contributory

  • CASARES: However, Alex Sanchez, there is something in civil law called contributory negligence.
  • In addition, I think what is at stake here is the idea of contributory infringement.
  • But in the Sony case, the Supreme Court quite clearly saw that, in a world where technological developments made copying easier, the idea of contributory infringement in copyright could be used to suppress or control entire technologies that seemed, in the logic of 20/20 downside vision, to pose a threat to the copyright holder.
  • Staff shortages, errors by senior management and antique technology were also identified as contributory factors behind one of the most embarrassing episodes for the ONS in recent memory.
  • In fact, their role in his injury could almost be characterized as contributory negligence.
  • So, applying the same rigour and logic with which you scrutinise IPCC reports, why would you not be at least as sceptical of an organisation (NIPCC) that neglects to name contributory authors, especially given that the IPCC does?
  • Ghana has been identified as the contributory factor to the growing number of obstetric fistula cases among
  • The parliament pays £2 into the fund for every £1 contributed by each member and, with the supposedly "contributory" element also being paid out of public funds, MEPs are able to build up a very nice little nest-egg at our expense.
  • They dropped the so-called "contributory" participation aim and substituted what became known as the "option route" to participation.