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What is the meaning of converse in Hindi?

Meaning of converse in Hindi is : सर्म्पक

Definition of word converse

  • Opposite or reverse. (adjective)
  • The opposite or reverse. (noun)
  • Of a proposition or theorem of the form: given that "If A is true, then B is true", then "If B is true, then A is true." equivalently: given that "All Xs are Ys", then "All Ys are Xs". (noun)
  • To talk; to engage in conversation. (verb)
  • ​(now literary) Familiar discourse; free interchange of thoughts or views; conversation; chat. (noun)

Examples of word converse

  • _Contrast'_ the two. converse Did you _converse'_ with him?
  • V. ii.744 (463,8) [In the converse of breath] Perhaps _converse_ may, in this line, mean _interchange_.
  • Is the term converse here used in its logical meaning?
  • You don't hear of a lot of women raping men, but the converse is a major social problem.
  • Historically, the converse is the case: attempts to weaken [a sovereign] either destroy it, resulting in chaos and death, or force it to compensate by enlarging, resulting in the familiar “red-giant state.”


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