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What is the meaning of convolution in Hindi?

Meaning of convolution in Hindi is : संवलन

Definition of word convolution

  • Something that is folded or twisted. (noun)
  • Any of the folds on the surface of the brain. (noun)
  • The shape of something rotating; a vortex. (noun)
  • A form of moving average. (noun)
  • A function which maps a tuple of sequences into a sequence of tuples. (noun)

Examples of word convolution

  • These types of operations are commonly referred to as convolution or spatial convolution.
  • It was in 1861 that he announced his discovery of the seat of articulate speech in the left side of the frontal region of the brain, since known as the convolution of Broca.
  • It is of small size, and consists of a square-shaped convolution, which is termed the precuneus or quadrate lobe.
  • In front of this precentral convolution are the three frontal convolutions, and it would seem that the functions of these convolutions are higher movements and attention in fixation of the eyes; moreover, in the lowest frontal region, indicated by fine dots, we have Broca's convolution, which is associated with motor speech; above at the base of the second middle frontal convolution is the portion of cortex in which is localised the function of writing.
  • M. Alain's expensive way of life, his clothes and mistresses, his dicing and racehorses, were all explained: he was in the pay of Buonaparte, a hired spy, and a man that held the strings of what I can only call a convolution of extremely fishy enterprises.


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