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What is the meaning of cord in Hindi?

Meaning of cord in Hindi is : रीढ़

Definition of word cord

  • A long, thin, flexible length of twisted yarns (strands) of fiber (rope, for example); (uncountable) such a length of twisted strands considered as a commodity. (noun)
  • A small flexible electrical conductor composed of wires insulated separately or in bundles and assembled together usually with an outer cover; the electrical cord of a lamp, sweeper ((US) vacuum cleaner), or other appliance. (noun)
  • A unit of measurement for firewood, equal to 128 cubic feet (4 x 4 x 8 feet), composed of logs and/or split logs four feet long and none over eight inches diameter. It is usually seen as a stack four feet high by eight feet long. (noun)
  • See cords. (noun)
  • Common misspelling of chord: a cross-section measurement of an aircraft wing. (noun)
  • To furnish with cords (verb)
  • To tie or fasten with cords (verb)
  • To flatten a book during binding (verb)
  • To arrange (wood, etc.) in a pile for measurement by the cord. (verb)

Examples of word cord

  • Cord A simple name for ‘tendonÂ’, a part of the body that connects muscle to bone For example, the heel cord or ‘Achilles TendonÂ’ joins the calf muscle to the heel (Note: The ‘spinal cordÂ’ is not a tendon It is made of nerves)
  • Tumours growing _in the substance of the cord_ are nearly as common as extra-medullary growths, and as the growth is usually sarcoma, glioma, tuberculoma, or gumma, and infiltrates the cord, it is seldom capable of being removed by operation.
  • _Welting cord_, a cord sewed into the welt or border of a garment.
  • _long cord_, upon some convenient healthy part, (the spinal cord, or other nerve centre which gives nervous service to the part affected, is best,) and treat the lesion with N. P., _light force_, five to eight minutes daily.
  • And again the cord is a part of the whole expression of the lamp, as it has been wrapped in grey textile material in order to bring a nuance of light and shade into the white look.


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