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What is the meaning of cordially in Hindi?

Meaning of cordially in Hindi is : ह्रदय से

Definition of word cordially

  • In a cordial, warm or friendly manner. (adverb)

Examples of word cordially

  • I know the Sarpent well -- what I call cordially -- and he will never be a tyrant to any thing he loves, though he will expect to be treated himself like a Mohican Chief.
  • All unite in cordially approving this lady's writings.
  • Leaning down, he called cordially into the darkness, "Oberfeldwebel, do come and have some tea.
  • She murmured Allen's name cordially, leveling her eyes at him smilingly.
  • It was a maxim with Lyons that it was desirable to remember everyone he met, and he prided himself on his ability to call cordially by name clients or chance acquaintances whom he had not seen for years.


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