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What is the meaning of coronary in Hindi?

Meaning of coronary in Hindi is : हृरदय को रक्त पहुँचानेवाली धमनियाँ

Definition of word coronary

  • Pertaining to a crown. (adjective)
  • Encircling something (like a crown), especially with regard to the arteries or veins of the heart. (adjective)
  • A coronary thrombosis or heart attack. (noun)
  • A small bone in the foot of a horse. (noun)

Examples of word coronary

  • Significant research into gender differences in coronary artery disease has been underway only in the past 10 years.
  • Heart catheterization is done and stent is placed in coronary artery.
  • In fact, the vast bulk of expense to the medical system today, in coronary disease and type II diabetes, is caused by people making bad personal decisions over a long period of time.
  • Silent myocardial ischaemia and long-term coronary artery disease outcomes in apparently healthy people from families with early-onset ischaemic heart disease
  • The Food and Drug Administration approved Trasylol for use in coronary bypass surgery patients in 1993.


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