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What is the meaning of correct in Hindi?

Meaning of correct in Hindi is : स‌ंशोधन करना

Definition of word correct

  • Free from error; true; the state of having an affirmed truth. (adjective)
    त्रुटि से मुक्त; सच; एक पुष्ट सत्य होने की अवस्था।
  • To make something that was not valid become right. To remove error. (verb)
    कुछ ऐसा बनाना जो मान्य न हो, सही हो जाए। त्रुटि को दूर करने के लिए।

Examples of word correct

    • _substantially_ correct, she neither declared nor implied that they were not taught in a manner absolutely correct, but ... as all who believe that they are set forth in a manner _absolutely correct_, believe, necessarily, that they are taught in a manner _substantially_ correct; for that which is absolute embraces that which is substantial and something more; she simply makes an affirmation, so far as two classes
    • Of course, "Survivor: Panama Exile Island" -- let me get the title correct -- is going to make its premier tomorrow night on CBS.
    • I say chaps, if you are going to write about a book you should at least get the title correct: it is, 'heaven + earth'.
    • I was off sick on Wednesday and went to the doctor, who told me I have -- let me get the term correct -- "bullous myringit, is."
    • Look for the paper "National Security Policy of the United States", if I have the term correct in memory.
    • The reason I still generally use WP's search function is the fact that it will take you directly to the article if you get the title correct, and to the results otherwise; quite useful in conjunction with smart keywords, where I can type wp Penguin to get directly at that article.