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What is the meaning of correctable in Hindi?

Meaning of correctable in Hindi is :

Definition of word correctable

  • Able to be corrected (adjective)

Examples of word correctable

  • Sin, you will recall, in the Greek (Hamartia) is defined as a correctable mistake, as missing the mark, not as evil.
  • Even if there is something wrong that "correctable", it does not make it right to cheat.
  • At the same time it would make our treasured sport of football so much more credible while alleviating some of the pain millions of football fans have to suffer as a result of unfair, "correctable", injustices.
  • The best kinds of stories come when a scout identifies a correctable flaw, something that they can see in person that doesn't show up in the stats, or in the video snippets.
  • This hybrid model allows persons with non-correctable risk factors to get affordable coverage while providing an economic incentive to persons with correctable risk factors.