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What is the meaning of corrected in Hindi?

Meaning of corrected in Hindi is : स‌ंशोधित

Definition of word corrected

  • Simple past tense and past participle of correct. (verb)

Examples of word corrected

  • Whoops, silly error in the title corrected - the risk of blogging on the run.
  • The word corrected, nearly illegible in the original, is presumed from the context of the letter.
  • [NLM note: translation corrected from the original German]
  • In my haste to write while thinking about the SEALS I inadvertantly wrote the wrong name for the hostage which corrected is Captain Robert Phillips.
  • Think Back to English Class - This may seem like a very obvious thing to do, but making sure your grammar and spelling errors are corrected is imperative to having your resume looked upon.


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