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What is the meaning of correction in Hindi?

Meaning of correction in Hindi is : सुधार

Definition of word correction

  • The act of correcting. (noun)
  • A substitution for an error or mistake. (noun)
  • Punishment that is intended to rehabilitate an offender. (noun)
  • An amount or quantity of something added or subtracted so as to correct. (noun)
  • A decline in a stock market price after a large rise. (noun)

Examples of word correction

  • It's no mistake capcom changed it in the state it was what we call a correction from a previous error!
  • And he suggested that it might not recover at all -- that it might be what we call a correction and that we might be just simply seeing a new economic reality in this country.
  • But not everyone was expecting a major near-term correction in stocks: "Perhaps those calling for a correction are the ones that missed the rally," said analysts at Calyon.
  • Now I pointed at Nancy, to remind her of my name correction.
  • This current "correction" is perhaps the last chance to get a bargain in gold and silver.


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