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What is the meaning of cosy in Hindi?

Meaning of cosy in Hindi is : सुखद

Definition of word cosy

  • Affording comfort and warmth; snug; social (adjective)
  • A padded or knit covering put on an item to keep it warm, especially a teapot or egg. (noun)
  • To become snug and comfortable. (verb)
  • To become friendly with. (verb)

Examples of word cosy

  • And in any case he hadn't the chance; an elderly uncle Beatrice hadn't seen in years appeared at her elbow and marched her off to have what he called a cosy little chat, and which lasted until it was time to toast the bridal pair.
  • Sat in cosy 9.00 till 3.30 (i worked through lunch) bean counting jobs.
  • A teapot under a cosy is stewing, not brewing, the tea.
  • Based on the books by Jennifer Worth, Call The Midwife has been called "cosy and predictable" by certain critics.
  • The kombi now had 4 Adults and 2 dogs ... the word cosy comes to mind!


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