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What is the meaning of coucher in Hindi?

Meaning of coucher in Hindi is :

Definition of word coucher

  • One who couches. (noun)
  • One who couches paper. (noun)
  • A factor or agent resident in a country for traffic. (noun)
  • The book in which a corporation or other body registers its particular acts. (noun)

Examples of word coucher

  • She talked of this little occurrence all the time of her 'coucher'; though she only complained that one of Monsieur's guards should have had the effrontery to speak to her.
  • I do not want to impose all the ideas I can up with i thgink sucha schoo, would be great for inner cities but the important idea is the coucher system allowing freedom to choose.
  • This is one of my favorites, sometimes known as “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?”
  • Sur ce j'suis rentré a 12h30, j'suis allé me coucher directement parce que j'voyais tout trouble et j'avais les jambes qui tremblaient.
  • Enfin, qu'il foute le bordel quand je dors ne me derange pas, au bout d'un moment je me leve et pis tant pis mais ce qui m'enerve c qu'a peine debout POUF je vois MONSIEUR JASPER se coucher comme un gros lardon de tout son long ...


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