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What is the meaning of could in Hindi?

Meaning of could in Hindi is : सका/कर सकता

Definition of word could

  • Simple past of can. (verb)

Examples of word could

  • I used to always wonder why I could be so awful to my family my parents, my sister, and I think it's because I knew I *could* be so mean to them & they would always be there.
  • I don't know if I could get you a gig there, but if I *could* would you want to?
  • This means that when we speak of a person's actions, in most cases he could have done otherwise, given the Stoics 'analysis of ˜could™ and other modal concepts.
  • Not outlandishly fast, but fast enough that adaptation could *could*–it is unclear be fairly difficult.
  • Yes priceless could be ..could be .. or worthless could also be .
  • Ben#17…a close friend of mine is in the same boat as your sister…and I agree….but notice—you even stated “could”…….that is what is the problem for most people…..could…I hope “will” can replace “could”….
  • But a moment's further consideration convinced him that it could not be so: he _could_ move his body a little, although when he tried to sit up, something stopped him, pulled his spine straight, pulled his arms and shoulders back down from where he'd raised them.
  • From her promise once given she felt no change of purpose could absolve her; and therefore rarely would she give it absolutely, for she _could not_ alter the thing that had gone forth from her lips.
  • She could not -- _could_ not -- go to Paris with this man, who for all his devotion was a stranger to her.
  • She did not wish to tell a falsehood, and yet she felt that she could not, _could_ not confess now.