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What is the meaning of countermand in Hindi?

Meaning of countermand in Hindi is : विरुद्ध आदेश

Definition of word countermand

  • To revoke (a former command); to cancel or rescind by giving an order contrary to one previously given. (verb)
  • To recall a person or unit with such an order. (verb)
  • An order to the contrary of a previous one (noun)

Examples of word countermand

  • Those were the British orders, and the Japanese had no reason to countermand them on her say-so.
  • The Army had barred Donovan from going in with any of its contingents, no way a Navy admiral would countermand orders from a sister service and take a stowaway, Stark told him.
  • With Proposition 23, two out-of-state oil corporations, Valero and Tesoro, and right-wing oil billionaires based in New York and Kansas are trying to use the California initiative process, originally intended to allow citizen intervention in the governance of this state, to countermand AB 32 and set policy for us.
  • We are unable to countermand or override the process.
  • The Assembly had suffered a pang of conscience over their murder decree, so they ordered Cleon to countermand it.


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