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What is the meaning of countryfolk in Hindi?

Meaning of countryfolk in Hindi is :

Definition of word countryfolk

Examples of word countryfolk

  • However, the same writer made a poem on the tricks of countryfolk, which is by no means devoid of merit.
  • Yet he also knew, through his kinfolk and through his memories, the contrasting discipline of labour in the fields and the powerful superstitions and traditions that countryfolk still practised.
  • Capturing the country's soul and landscape was vital if it was going to be taken seriously by Al-Daradji's countryfolk.
  • In the scene in question, members of the court have fled to the Forest of Arden and are shocked to learn that countryfolk must hunt and kill their own food.
  • He says players tend to be rugged countryfolk not the crop-carrying plutocrats that soccer buffs are making them out to be.


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