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What is the meaning of couplet in Hindi?

Meaning of couplet in Hindi is : द्विपदी

Definition of word couplet

  • A pair of lines with rhyming end words. (noun)

Examples of word couplet

  • The wasteful Burnside-Couch traffic "couplet" is having a "groundbreaking" tomorrow afternoon -- at least, the east side section of it.
  • That first couplet is too perfect for explanation.
  • (The first couplet is by Roger Boyle, the Earl of Orrery, 1621-79, and the second by the ever-great Anonymous.)
  • A major function of the eastside couplet is to integrate traffic onto the Bridgehead site to give it greater exposure (Opus's idea).
  • Most poems are odes or odes-in-spirit that marvel at the qualities of a creature in couplet quatrains or another traditional form.
  • When she came to him, radiant, her hands full of the lilies, a couplet from a favourite poem darted into his head –
  • ‘Walter and Jane,’ the second poem, is an artless tale of two lovers, related with a simplicity by no means inelegant, in couplet verse; and to a manner calculated to remind the reader of the narrative style of our best
  • Will stop now as the third couplet is even worse, and wouldn’t wish to give offence.
  • A. 2.p. 242), we find that either line of the couplet is shortened by a foot; it is, therefore, majzú.