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What is the meaning of courageous in Hindi?

Meaning of courageous in Hindi is : साहसी

Definition of word courageous

  • Of a person, displaying or possessing courage. (adjective)
  • Of an action, that requires courage. (adjective)

Examples of word courageous

    • LAMB: What it takes to be -- I mean, when would you put the label courageous on?
    • The budget he put together was' - I think he used the word 'courageous' - 'in getting out there and starting the conversation,' said Craig Schoenfeld, an attorney and former George W. Bush organizer in the Gingrich camp.
    • The term courageous restraint refers to a concept which is being considered for Nato forces in Afghanistan.
    • It is the man, occasionally woman that controls the anger that is the one who is brave (I prefer the term courageous) whether he / she loses is not the ultimate goal.
    • McChrystal, the commander at the time, issued guidance on curbing the use of airstrikes and rewarded what he termed "courageous restraint" on the battlefield.


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