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What is the meaning of couturier in Hindi?

Meaning of couturier in Hindi is : फ़ैशनेबल वस्त्र निर्माता

Definition of word couturier

  • a person who designs haute couture (noun)
  • a company that is owned by, or employs such a person; a fashion house (noun)

Examples of word couturier

    • Unlikely to find it in beverages, Edgar looked at several other industries, including fragrance and luxury goods, briefly steering Seagram into a stake in French couturier Herve Leger.
    • And how would you look if your couturier were the church thrift shop?
    • A couturier is a person involved in the clothing fashion industry who makes original garments to order for private clients.
    • She acquired a fabulous couturier collection while there; when she and Hugh ran short of money late in life, she began surreptitiously selling off the clothes.
    • A glib and facile couturier, Mr. Lagerfeld is not unlike Chanel herself, talking a mile a minute, tossing off aphorisms and, as Alicia Drake revealed in her account of the Lagerfeld-Yves Saint Laurent rivalry, "The Beautiful Fall" 2006, not averse to embellishing his past.