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What is the meaning of covenant in Hindi?

Meaning of covenant in Hindi is : होड़

Definition of word covenant

  • An agreement to do or not do a particular thing. (noun)
  • A promise, incidental to a deed or contract, either express or implied. (noun)
  • A pact or binding agreement between two or more parties. (noun)
  • An incidental clause in an agreement. (noun)
  • to enter into, or promise something by, a covenant (verb)
  • To enter a formal agreement. (verb)
  • To bind oneself in contract. (verb)
  • To make a stipulation. (verb)

Examples of word covenant

  • Christians believe that it records a “new covenant, ” or “new testament, ” that fulfills and completes GodÂ’s “old covenant” with the Hebrews, described in the Old Testament.
  • Hence, besides, it is doing no service to the interpretation of the Scriptures, to attempt to shew that in the passage of the Epistle to the Hebrews, [455] where the covenant is represented as a testament, either that the term διαθηχη there, must have only the meaning _testament_, or that it must be rendered _covenant_ exclusively throughout.
  • Accept the Sabbatarian definition of the term covenant, and it legitimately follows that none were ever in that covenant save those who held converse with Jehovah, through Moses, saying, “All these things will we observe and do.”
  • The blessing of God, as ours in covenant, is that which sweetens all our creature-comforts to us, and makes them comforts indeed; then we receive the increase of the earth as a mercy indeed when with it God, even our own God, gives us his blessing.
  • The CDG understands the very real concerns that the term covenant has in the context of the histories of Scotland, Aotearoa New Zealand and other parts of the Communion.


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