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What is the meaning of covert in Hindi?

Meaning of covert in Hindi is : विवाहिता

Definition of word covert

  • Hidden, covered over; overgrown, sheltered. (adjective)
  • Secret, surreptitious, concealed. (adjective)
  • Area of thick undergrowth where animals hide. (noun)
  • A feather that covers others (noun)

Examples of word covert

  • In Egypt, the press has increasingly reported on what it calls a covert Shiite invasion.
  • WHITFIELD: Federal auditors blister the Bush White House over what they call covert propaganda.
  • The Democrats have demanded an investigation and want to outlaw what they call covert propaganda.
  • He was appalled by the gifted amateurs in covert operations, who clearly were out of their league up against the ruthless KGB.
  • These restrictions forced some artists to abandon their craft, and many to continue practicing in covert fashion.


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