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What is the meaning of cowardly in Hindi?

Meaning of cowardly in Hindi is : भीरू

Definition of word cowardly

  • In the manner of a coward. (adverb)
  • Showing cowardice. Lacking in courage, unacceptably fearful, usually meant with some implication of a lack of consideration for others. (adjective)

Examples of word cowardly

  • Another translation of the Bible uses the word cowardly instead of fearful.
  • The Ogaden rebels, meanwhile, issued a statement condemning what they called the "cowardly and cold-blooded attack".
  • I use the word "cowardly" because there's no other way to call someone who writes this and then hides behind an anonymous name.
  • They're America's allies in the war on terror but tonight Pakistani officials are slamming what they call a cowardly attack.
  • George W. Bush strongly condemning what he called the cowardly assassination of Benazir Bhutto.


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