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What is the meaning of crack in Hindi?

Meaning of crack in Hindi is : ज़ोर की आवाज़ करना

Definition of word crack

  • Highly trained and competent. (adjective)
  • Excellent, first-rate, superior, top-notch. (adjective)
  • A thin and usually jagged space opened in a previously solid material. (noun)
  • A narrow opening. (noun)
  • A sharply humorous comment; a wisecrack. (noun)
  • A potent, relatively cheap, addictive variety of cocaine; often a rock, usually smoked through a crack-pipe. (noun)
  • The sharp sound made when solid material breaks. (noun)
  • Any sharp sound. (noun)
  • An opportunity to attempt something. (noun)
  • vagina. (noun)
  • The space between the buttocks. (noun)
  • Conviviality; fun; good conversation, chat, gossip, or humourous storytelling; good company. (noun)
  • Business/events (noun)
  • A program or procedure designed to circumvent restrictions or usage limits on software. (noun)
  • a meaningful chat. (noun)
  • Extremely silly, absurd or off-the-wall ideas or prose. (noun)
  • To form cracks. (verb)
  • To break apart under pressure. (verb)
  • To become debilitated by psychological pressure. (verb)
  • To yield under interrogation. (verb)
  • To make a cracking sound. (verb)
  • To change rapidly in register. (verb)
  • To alternate between high and low register in the process of eventually lowering. (verb)
  • To make a sharply humorous comment. (verb)
  • To make a crack or cracks in. (verb)
  • To break open or crush to small pieces by impact or stress. (verb)
  • To strike forcefully. (verb)
  • To open slightly. (verb)
  • To cause to yield under interrogation or other pressure. (Figurative) (verb)
  • To solve a difficult problem. (Figurative, from cracking a nut.) (verb)
  • To overcome a security system or a component. (verb)
  • To cause to make a sharp sound. (verb)
  • To tell (a joke). (verb)
  • To break down (a complex molecule), especially with the application of heat: to pyrolyse. (verb)
  • To circumvent software restrictions such as regional coding or time limits. (verb)
  • To open a canned beverage, or any packaged drink or food. (verb)
  • To brag, boast. (verb)

Examples of word crack

  • Albret's nostrils expanded as he heard the _crack, crack, crack_ of the remorseless dog-whip whose sting drew him away from the vain pursuit.
  • Galen Albret's nostrils expanded as he heard the _crack, crack, crack_ of the remorseless dog-whip whose sting drew him away from the vain pursuit.
  • What more the skipper would have spoken remained unsaid, for _crack, crack, crack_! sounding smothered amongst the trees, came the reports of the rifles and the replies made by Don Ramon's vedettes as they were driven in, and the skipper's eyes flashed as he placed a little whistle to his lips and blew shrilly, bringing his own men together at the run.
  • Now the darkness was cut by a bright flash of light right in front; there was the sharp crack of a rifle, and right and left _flash, crack, flash, crack_, ran along a line.
  • "Hurrah!" came from the right, and the cheer was taken up from the left, while _crack, crack, crack_, rifles were being brought well into play.


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