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What is the meaning of craftswoman in Hindi?

Meaning of craftswoman in Hindi is :

Definition of word craftswoman

  • A female artisan. (noun)

Examples of word craftswoman

  • This master craftswoman is getting a mite peckish.
  • And don't miss the pottery next door – another McGowan is the craftswoman turning out gloriously glazed bowls, tea mugs and the like.
  • They tell us that she was helped with her toilette by an ornatrix (a dresser) called Pamphilia and that a sarcinatrix (craftswoman) called Athenais mended her clothes.
  • You are a splendid craftswoman — writing history that seems authentic, dealing honestly with religion, and putting your characters in heart-wrenching dilemmas.
  • Would I be happy to stay forever within the square, being a competent craftswoman?


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