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What is the meaning of cramp in Hindi?

Meaning of cramp in Hindi is : संकुचन

Definition of word cramp

  • A painful contraction of a muscle which cannot be controlled. (noun)
  • A clamp for carpentry or masonry. (noun)
  • (of a muscle) To contract painfully and uncontrollably. (verb)
  • To prohibit movement or expression. (verb)
  • To restrain to a specific physical position, as if with a cramp. (verb)

Examples of word cramp

  • KING: But the term cramp you hear it all the time right?
  • It briefly appeared the efforts would be for naught last night when Youkilis left in the fourth inning of a 3-2 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays with what he described as a cramp in his right ankle capsule.
  • Speaking of things that make your brain cramp, let's say you were to join a Second Life roleplay group with the following charter:
  • That book gave me such a brain cramp that it's taken me a year to write a review because I've been processing it and trying to figure out how to say what I want to say.
  • ` ` I would consider that a brain cramp, '' Carlyle said with a smirk.


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