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What is the meaning of crepuscular in Hindi?

Meaning of crepuscular in Hindi is :

Definition of word crepuscular

  • Of or resembling twilight; dim (adjective)

Examples of word crepuscular

  • As I made a mental note of Hitchens' casual use of the word "crepuscular," the Maryland professor grumbled in my direction.
  • Garrett, does the word crepuscular do anything for you?
  • You might call it a dreamscape, but they say no, it's "crepuscular" - it's the slippery moment just after you wake up, between sleep and wakefulness.
  • Boars are crepuscular, that is they forage from dusk until dawn and they are the only hoofed animals known to dig burrows.
  • Maybe he was trying to find that "crepuscular" place where left and right brain coexist in a harmonious union.
  • People view Mike Nelson's installation which turns the British Pavilion into a 'disorienting, dusty, crepuscular world full of labyrinthine passages'.
  • Nelson's already much talked-about installation, which opens to the public this Saturday, takes the visitor through the front door of the elegant, colonnaded 19th-century former tearoom that forms Britain's official pavilion and plunges them into a disorienting, dusty, crepuscular world full of labyrinthine passages, false walls and shoulder-hunchingly low ceilings.