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What is the meaning of criteria in Hindi?

Meaning of criteria in Hindi is : मानदण्ड

Definition of word criteria

  • Plural form of criterion. (noun)
  • A single criterion. (noun)

Examples of word criteria

    • Here's the modification to the set criteria function: function set criteria (value: Number): void {_criteria = value; invalidateList ();}
    • TileList; public function CatalogList () {super ();} function get critera (): Number {return function set criteria (value: Number): void {_criteria = value;}}}
    • Jeffrey Goldstein , the Treasury Department's under secretary for domestic finance, said the council will "provide greater clarity" when it issues a final rule on the designation criteria, but he also acknowledged companies won't have the opportunity to comment once the rule is finalized.
    • Any other criteria is almost pure conjecture. hmmm
    • If on the other hand, our criteria is a messy, sloppy status quo, but there's not, you know, huge outbreaks of violence; there's still corruption, but the country's struggling along but it's not a threat to its neighbors and it's not an al Qaeda base; that seems, to me, an achievable goal within a measurable time frame.


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