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What is the meaning of criterion in Hindi?

Meaning of criterion in Hindi is : लक्षण

Definition of word criterion

  • A standard or test by which individual things or people may be compared and judged. (noun)
    एक मानक या परीक्षण जिसके द्वारा व्यक्तिगत चीजों या लोगों की तुलना और न्याय किया जा सकता है।

Examples of word criterion

  • If we try to apply Dedekind's definition as a criterion for determining whether a given set is infinite by establishing a 1-1 correspondence between two inductive rules for generating “infinite extensions,” one of which is an “extensional subset” of the other, we can't possibly learn anything we didn't already know when we applied the ˜criterion™ to two inductive rules.
  • Thanks, J.D. Yeah, I think your criterion is a good one.
  • I will attempt to redeem myself (maybe) by guessing that the criterion is their longevity.
  • In an early comment in that argument, Justice Kennedy did make a statement, in a combative tone, that avoiding race as a criterion is a very important principle to him.
  • The core idea is present in what he refers to as the criterion of reciprocity and the duty of civility.
  • Among the reasons for adding this as a criterion is the obvious point that Nobel wanted the Prize to have political effects.
  • My proposed criterion is not premised on membership in NORML or other non-religious affiliations.
  • Oh, sure, now I see: once Mark has glommed onto the paleo label, the whole ‘anonymous’ criterion is just pushed aside. politics!